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5 things you may not know about Communicate

Flag1. Beginning of Communicate. The school was set up by Marza, originally from Poland, in 2010. “As a qualified English teacher I always loved teaching so when I arrived in the UK, I decided to pursue my dream career. I had a few friends who wanted to learn English. The school was not formally open then so I started giving evening classes in a shop that I was working in during the day. This was the very first course that gave beginning to Communicate” – says Marza.





2. Family-run school. Marza met her husband, Richard from Manchester, soon after Communicate was officially formed and Richard took over the business side of the organisation. His background is in engineering but in the school he is known as the “City man” (the clue – he is a holder of a certain season ticket).




3. Multinational environment. This summer we taught students of 38 different nationalities. Keeping the school’s good nationality mix helps students gain fluency and achieve their language goals in the most effective way.


4. We hand-pick our staff. The teachers must not only be qualified but also enthusiastic, dynamic and have experience of learning another language themselves. After receiving the news of excellent results of the recent ISI inspection, we celebrated in Communicate team style.

Communicate staff


5. At the end of a course each student is asked to name some aspects of Communicate School that they liked the most. 92% of students name excellent teachers and great atmosphere in the top 5 answers.


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