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English courses for families in Manchester

Family courses are available all year round. They are designed for younger students aged between 7 and 15 who stay in Manchester with their parents or guardians. The parents can study at the same time in groups for adults.

Students will will enjoy interactive, conversation focused classes. The course focuses on everyday real English in authentic situations, especially speaking and listening. After an online and verbal assessment, students are allocated to a group suitable for their level of English. Classes are taught with a communicative approach.

Courses for juniors


Between 7 and 15 years old


Full-time course - 5 days/week

Choose from 3 options:

1) 12.5 hours / week (15 lessons) – £400/week

2) 15 hours / week (18 lessons) – £480/week

3) 20 hours / week (24 lessons) – £640/week

Other charges

  • £50 registration fee
  • £35 coursebook deposit

Important notes

Each lesson is 50 min.

Normally classes take place between 9:00 and 14:30 Monday to Friday.

All classes are subject to availability and can be confirmed after the level test. Classes are normally in small groups but may also be in one-to-one format (outside of Summer months).

Social programme

Junior students can attend social activities under the supervision of their guardians:

  • 2 activities during the week (free)
  • 2 activities at the weekend (between £20 and £40)


We can help arrange accommodation in a private apartment in the city centre, a 10 minute walk from the school; this is £150 per night.

For budget accommodation options we suggest using Airbnb website; apartments can be found from £50 per night.

Questions and answers

Will my lessons be at the same time as my child’s?
Yes, if you book the same number of hours, you will start and finish your classes at the same time each day. Most classes are between 9 am and 2:30 pm.

What happens during classes?
Junior classes focus on communication, especially speaking and listening. Children will learn new vocabulary, practise grammar and build their confidence to use the language in everyday life.

How big are the groups?
In summer the groups are on average 10 students, the maximum number is 15. During the year the groups are much smaller, classes are often in one-to-one format.

Can my child attend social activities after classes?
During summer you can leave your child with our teacher for the time of the activity and collect them afterwards.
Outside of summer children can attend activities suitable for under 18s with a parent or a guardian so you will need to accompany your child. Weekday activities are included in the course.

Can we attend full day excursions at weekends?
Children can attend weekend trips under the supervision of their guardians or parents. The trips are between £20 and £40.

Will I need to drop off my child before the class and and pick them up after the class?
Children between 7 and 13 years old need to arrive with their guardians who should take them to the classroom and wait until the class starts. After the class children will need to be collected on time. 14 and 15 year olds can travel by themselves if the parent signs a travel consent form.

Can you arrange accommodation for us?
We work with a city centre apartments company and we can arrange a one or two bedroom apartment for you. The rate starts from £150 per night. If you are looking for a budget option we’d suggest using the Airbnb website where apartments can be found from £50 per night but you will need to book with them directly.

Can we stay at a host family?
This type of accommodation may be available for small families of up to 3 people. The rate is from £165 per person per week.

How can I register?

Fill in the application form for each member of the family – application form. 

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