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Accent Reduction and Pronunciation

The way we speak is a physical process governed by speech organs which can be trained or reprogrammed by working through a series of specific drills, including mouth positioning, intonation, breathing and listening exercises.

You will be helped to develop a clear, engaging English accent by learning how to recognise the differences between your mother tongue and the standard English accent, otherwise known as Received Pronunciation or RP.
The Accent Reduction course in Manchester is ideal for fluent non-native English speakers who wish to improve their English pronunciation and soften their accent, or who want to learn techniques to develop a more powerful and engaging voice.

  • Do you pronounce some words incorrectly?

  • Do you think your accent stops you from being taken seriously at work or from developing your career?

  • Do you speak good English, but people often ask you to repeat yourself?

  • Do people ask where you’re from, even though you’ve lived in the UK for years?

“Yes, it’s a totally interesting course, with hard work at home and the help of the teacher you can reduce your accent and improve your pronunciation”

Ricardo, Italy


Our courses, delivered in a number of focused one-to-one sessions, are all developed and adapted to suit the needs of the individual student.

  • You will learn how to produce all the RP vowel and consonant sounds correctly
  • You will be given feedback on exactly where your accent or pronunciation differs from these sounds
  • You will be taught such topics as the stress pattern and rhythm of spoken English, intonation, emphasis, speech flow, pause, pitch, pace, etc.
  • You will be shown how to warm up your voice getting your mouth and vocal muscles ready to make the new sounds


People speak in many different accents in Great Britain.  However, the basic core of our lessons cover the essential principles of standard English or Received Pronunciation. Received Pronunciation, often abbreviated to RP, is frequently called ‘BBC English’, ‘Oxford English’ or ‘The Queen’s English’.  RP is also regionally non-specific; it does not contain any clues about a speaker’s geographic origin.  However, it may reveal a great deal about their educational or social background.  RP is associated with educated speakers and formal speech.


10 hours of individual tuition is £550; 20 hours – £1000. There’s a £40 registration fee and a course book with a CD is £20. Classes take place once a week at Communicate School, each session is two hours. Times and days can be flexible, depending on student’s availability. Each class is specifically tailored to your accent and goals and is followed up by exercises set up for “homework”. It is recommended students practise the learnt techniques between classes to achieve the best results.


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“I did enjoy the course and would recommend it. It gives a baseline to improve overall communication skills beyond the mere accent reduction. It definitely helps me feel more confident when speaking English”

Raphael, Consultant

“It was really worth studying in this class indeed. I strongly recommend to those who worry about their accent and pronunciation when speaking English. I have seen a tangible improvement in terms of accent reduction since starting this course”

Jun, Professor

“It is a very useful course, I appreciate the efforts of my teacher”

Sima, Student
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