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Medical English

This course is for non-English speaking professionals who work as doctors and nurses with the overall aim of improving their medical English. However, the course can be adapted to suit individuals with specialisms. In this case, the student should complete a needs analysis prior to the course starting to help the school prepare the lessons. The course covers reading, writing, listening, and speaking and includes practice of writing letters used in medical professions and speaking role-plays based on real life settings. The course also includes vocabulary, grammar, and functional language useful for those in a health and medicine context.

Course Aims

  • Improve your medical English vocabulary
  • Focus on speaking techniques to improve professional communication
  • Improve your speaking skills and fluency
  • Practise reading and writing medical texts.

Who for?

  • Non-native English speakers who work or would like to work in a medical context and would like to improve their professional English.

Key Details



Note for adults: junior students may also be present in the school.



Course Length

Minimum – 5 hours
Maximum – 20 maximum

Course Hours


Course Benefits

  • qualified and professional teachers
  • have extra focus on areas that you and your teacher feel need improving
  • be matched to a teacher according to your needs
  • concentrate on specific areas to pass an exam
  • develop your speaking, listening and conversational skills
  • communicate more confidently
  • use correct grammar
  • improve your pronunciation


Flexible. Arrange in advance with our student services officer.

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