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Corporate Packages

Enhance Your Team’s English Skills Right at Your Workplace

Bringing Language Skills to You – Transforming Professional Communication at Your Workplace!

Tailored English Training Solutions – Delivered to Your Doorstep

Empower your workforce with the convenience and effectiveness of in-company English classes. Our specialised courses are designed to seamlessly integrate into your business environment, offering a range of intensities and schedules to suit your team’s unique needs.

Flexible Course Structures to Suit Every Business Need

Company Visits: Our expert instructors come to you, delivering high-quality English training at your office.

Adjustable Intensities: Choose the course intensity that aligns with your team’s goals and schedules.

Convenient Timing: We offer classes at various times of the day, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Specialised Tailoring: Courses are
customised to address the specific linguistic needs and challenges of your industry and company.

Choose the Learning Environment That Works Best for Your Team

Closed Groups: Opt for exclusive sessions designed solely for your employees, fostering team building and ensuring focused learning.

Integration with Regular Classes: Give your team the opportunity to join our regular classes, providing them with a diverse and dynamic learning environment.

Flexible Funding Options

Company Funded:: Enhance your team’s skills as part of your professional development programme

Self Funded:: Offer employees the option to self-fund their learning, empowering them to take charge of their professional growth.

Why Partner with Us for In-Company English Training?

Convenience: Eliminate travel time for
employees with classes conducted at your office.

Customisation: Benefit from courses tailored to your company’s specific business context and objectives.

Quality Instruction: Our experienced instructors are skilled in delivering practical, engaging, and effective English lessons.

Improved Communication: Watch your team’s confidence and proficiency in English soar, leading to better internal and external communication.

Ready to Elevate Your Team’s English Skills?

Contact us today to discuss how our in-company English training programmes can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Let’s work together to create a more confident, effective, and linguistically skilled workforce!


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