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Teaching Methods

Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)

CLT method emphasizes the importance of communication.

  • Lessons are student-centered; learners take on an active role in the classroom
  • Learn the language useful for everyday social, study or work life
  • Interactive class activities: discussions, dialogues, role-plays, surveys and interviews
  • Use a coursebook as well as original texts from magazines, songs, signs and newspapers
  • Learn grammar in a meaningful context

With the use of CLT method our aim is to:

  • Improve your everyday use of communication skills
  • Build up your confidence in communicating in English
  • Help you pass Cambridge exams if required
  • Assist in preparation for study at British universities
  • Help improve your job prospects

Teachers & Support Team        

Levels of English language competency

The levels based on the Council of Europe’s Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):

CEFR LevelTrinity ESOL Skills for LifeCambridge ESOLCES (Cambridge English Scale)IELTSTrinity GESE and ISELevel Aims
(Group 6)
CPE200-2308.0–9.0ISE IV or GESE Grade 12- use English very well in demanding situations- performance level may be above average native speaker
(Group 5)
Level 2CAE180-2006.5-7.5ISE III or GESE Grades 10-11- use and understand complex language- use English well apart from the most demanding situations
(Group 4)
Level 1FCE160-1805.0-6.5ISE II or GESE Grades 7-9- use range of basic language well in most situations- use more complex English and cope with more demanding situations
(Group 3)
Entry 3PET140-1604.0-5.0ISE I or GESE Grades 5-6- use English in a limited way in more difficult situations- use English in most familiar situations
(Group 2)
Entry 2KET120-1403GESE Grades 3-4- develop English skills to ‘survival’ level- use English in very familiar situations
(Group 1)
Entry 1100-1201–2GESE Grade 1-2- learn basic vocabulary and structures for simple communication

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