Students talk to local residents - Communicate School

Students talk to local residents

At Communicate we take English outside of the classroom where students can use the language in everyday situations.

Place of the lesson: Piccadilly Gardens

Course: General English

Topic: Living in Manchester

Aims of the lesson:

  • to learn about Manchester and British culture
  • to practise vocabulary about cities and countable and uncountable nouns
  • to practise listening skills by listening to various accents
  • to ‘break the ice’for students who are afraid to speak English


Viviana, from Colombia said: ‘The locals were very friendly; they were very proud of their city and gave us a lot of advice on best places in Manchester. It was also interesting to hear different accents.’

Last Wednesday our teacher Niki took her upper-intermediate class out to Piccadilly Gardens for their lesson. The aim was to talk to members of the public and ask them some questions about Manchester. They had prepared for the class in a previous lesson by learning useful vocabulary about towns and cities.

As most of the students are new to Manchester the questions they asked were designed to give them some useful information about the city, for example: ‘Can you point out the local landmarks?’ ‘Where are the best places to haggle?’, ‘What do you think about the transport system in Manchester?’.

All the locals were very friendly; they loved talking about their city and gave our students lots of information about the Manchester.




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