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Practising English with Mancunians

On Friday, Beth’s class went out in the sunshine to ask questions about fashion to the fantastic Manchester public! Read about what our students found out!



DSC03652 (640x478) Before going out I was excited about the experience and I also felt afraid of making mistakes. The survey shows that many people feel pressure to buy designer clothes and many people like buying the latest fashions. But not many people would like to be a hairdresser. I noticed that it’s difficult to interview people who are walking and it’s easier to interview people who are sitting down because they are relaxed. After the activity I felt pleased that I had spoken to a lot of people.



DSC03654 (640x434)On the 5th May my schoolmates and I interviewed a lot of people in Arndale. During the morning I noticed that many people were very busy and they don’t have time to answer my questions.

The situation changed when I said that this was a project for the school. I interviewed two men and three women. The results of these interviews are that many people don’t like buying the latest fashions and then they don’t like wearing uncomfortable shoes. Many people think there is more pressure on men to be fashionable these days than in the past.

After the activity I was pleased that I had spoken to many people. I think this has been a good and exciting experience to speak English in a real life setting.



DSC03651 (548x640)Yesterday was a good day because I went to the street to ask people some questions about “clothes and fashion”.

Before going out I was really excited about talking with people.

The answers were interesting. All the people I spoke to like buying the latest fashions but four or five people prefer wearing comfortable shoes than uncomfortable but fashionable shoes. A lot of people like clothes shopping but not too many people want to be a personal shopper or a hairdresser. A lot of people don’t like tattoos and piercings and only one person said they preferred men with beards and moustaches.

After the activity I was happy that I had spoken to many people because I could understand everything they said.






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