Our Journey at Communicate - Communicate School

Our Journey at Communicate

by Aline and Salihah.

We are two friends who come from different countries (Brazil and Saudi Arabia) trying to learn the same language. Our purpose here is to show why we chose Communicate School and give our views and impressions about the school. Come with us to find what you want to know about it.

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Location and Facilities

The first thing that you think before you choose a school is “How can I get there?” We have a really easy answer to this question when we think about Communicate School. The school is in the city centre of Manchester close to the bus station and train station; just a 5 minute walk.

You can find lots of facilities in the school such as the students’ room with a coffee machine and comfortable sofas. There are computers, bright and clean classrooms with multimedia and projectors.

You can also do an English test to know your level on the latest generation tablet at reception.

Anyone can buy or rent coursebooks for £25 each, and when you want to return a book, you must erase any writing or colouring and it can’t be damaged!

Teachers and Staff

The most valuable thing that you will find in Communicate School is the teachers and the staff. At your first contact with the school you will find friendly receptionists to help you with everything you need.


The team of teachers are also amazing; they are really well prepared, have a good sense of humor and are helpful. The classes are really interesting and you don’t notice the time passing.

In the lessons we take part in different exercises to simulate real life situations like board games, charades, drawing and quizlet. Sometimes we read the daily news as well.

We also have lots of activities to practise our conversation, reading and listening skills.


Friendship is a precious thing in life. The method of teaching used in the classroom enables us get to know each other and also about different cultures. This school has given me good friends who bring us love, brotherhood, science, dreams and development.

Social Activities

Another good thing available at Communicate school is the whiteboard showing different daily activities happening with teachers and other students to practise English outside the classroom. There are also weekend trips to other places outside the city. It’s really good because it helps students learn the language and helps them to make new friends from other countries.

This is our experience within the two months we were here.


How to find our Manchester English School

Our Address

Communicate School
Murray House
85 Piccadilly
M1 2DA


+44 (0)161 2358 480