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A short story by Elinoa Ferri Larenas

This is a short story by Elinoa Ferri Larenas, a 17-year-old advanced student from Communicate school in Manchester. Her teachers are very impressed with her writing skills, her ability to express feeling and emotion in her work that paints a picture in the reader’s mind 

She attempted to walk into the kitchen without stumbling, keeping her head up trying not to burst into tears. 

While cooking, a slight smirk appeared on her delicate mouth, actually, it was more of a bitter smile mixed with disappointment. The man she had married hadn’t kept his promise. And as her blood started to boil, she knew exactly what she needed to do. She added one last ingredient then announced that dinner was ready. 

In the meantime, the husband was sprawled in his armchair, recalling the expression on his wife’s face earlier. But he was still convinced that he had made the right choice. With a glass in his hand, he stood up and went to the dining room.  

A dead silence was floating in the room. The pregnant woman refused to look up, instead her head was looking at her plate. She could hear swallowing sounds coming from the other side of the table. After a couple of minutes, she heard choking sounds echoing in the room.  

She finally looked up. Her husband was standing up in front of her, his two hands holding his stomach, looking at her face with terrified eyes. She watched him as he struggled to go upstairs. He only managed to climb six steps. The wife walked calmly behind him. She stood there and grabbed his neck before slowly putting her mouth to his ear. ‘Till death do us part’, she whispered. Right after that she pushed him back, making him fall down the stairs 

Now the man was lying on the carpet, his eyes were empty and his body no longer radiated any light nor warmth. The widow walked to the closet, took a cigarette from the dead man’s coat then sat on the couch and lit it.   

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