Caroline is sharing her experience of a lesson in Piccadilly Gardens. - Communicate School

Caroline is sharing her experience of a lesson in Piccadilly Gardens.

BlogImage_1Last Friday, the school gave us an opportunity to spend half of the lesson in the street and speak to the British public. We could test our English in real life situations.

Before going out, we thought of questions we wanted to ask. Everyone made their own list and off we went.

At first, I was a bit shy but as time went by I got more confident.

I met people from different countries so it was very interesting. Sometimes, it was difficult because they didn’t have time to answer my questions. However, when I told them that I was an English student, they were happy to talk. Generally, they were very friendly and open-minded.

First I met a man from Japan, he is a student and he has lived in Manchester for 2 years. He recommended visiting the Science Museum and going out in the Printworks in the city centre.

My favourite person was a Portuguese woman: she wanted to travel to plenty of countries like France, Italy and Holland. Her family lives in Portugal and she cannot live without them. As for her future plans, she would like to stay in Manchester and have children. She was very nice and didn’t stop smiling.

Two other people whom I interviewed told me that they could not live without their mobile phone. It is very important for them because it allows them to keep in contact with their  family and friends.

Finally, I would like to tell you about an English girl. She was very funny because when I asked her the question: ‘’What can’t you live without?”, she answered: “Without cornflakes for my breakfast”.

I was astonished!

To conclude, I noticed that young people were more understanding and eager to talk than the elderly.

All in all, this lesson was an interesting experience and I would do it again!


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