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Homestay accommodation. Interviews with students.


image1C: What is your host like?

Alvaro: Alicia is great. She’s really kind, tidy and always concerned for my welfare. It’s like being with my family. She always makes sure that I take a rest if I look tired and she makes sure I eat properly!

C: Have you done any fun activities with your host?

Yes, we went hiking in the hills last week in a National Park. I never knew that the UK had mountains like these. I really enjoy trekking and hiking so it was great! We went with some of her friends who were really nice and friendly. It was a great day.

C: What was your first day like?

Alvaro: I was a little nervous because I was in a new city and country for the first time. However, my host put me at ease, she explained where the bus stop and nearest shops are and she helped me with directions to the school.

C: Does staying at homestay accommodation benefit your English?

Alvaro: Definitely. We talk every day and if I struggle with some vocabulary or she says a new word she will explain the meaning for me. We watch TV together which is a really good way to learn more English and get more vocabulary. We watch the Big Bang Theory which I already know in Spanish so I can translate some of the phrases.

C: Would you recommend staying with a host family?

Alvaro: Yes. I didn’t know anybody here so it was nice to know that someone was going to be waiting for me. It makes me feel secure and taken care of. It’s like living with my family.



Become A Host Family

If you are interested in hosting international students we would love for you to get in touch. You can get started becoming a host family if you have a spare room and live in Manchester. We also need people interested in hosting a student at our partner school Malvern House in Brighton.

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