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Lesson at Bury Market

Bury Market Trip

The aim of the class: put the language you learnt in the lesson into practice.


fish - Copy

Take a photo of a fishmonger with a fish.

One of the main advantages of studying English here in Manchester for students is that they get the
chance to immerse themselves in the language and culture of native speakers in a variety of different environments. Though it is critical for students to apply themselves in the safety of our classrooms, it is also a great challenge and opportunity for them to speak with members of the public so that they can put their hard hours of studying into practice.


photo of a strangest item you can find in the market

Take a photo of the strangest item in the market.

For that very reason we decided to go to one of the UK’s most famous markets in the small northern town of Bury, a town that was recently voted one of the top 20 places to live in England and Wales. Bury’s open air Market which was built in 1444 is visited by thousands of visitors every week and is famous for its fresh produce such as fish, vegetables, meat and  ‘Bury Black Pudding’ as well as clothes and electronic equipment.



Find out what black pudding is.

In small groups the students had an array of different fact-finding questions that they needed to ask both vendors of the market and members of the general public. Armed with their note pads and pens the students set out to discover as much as they could about this historically unique market. Below are some of the best bits.





Florent trying out the black pudding

Try food you have never eaten before.









viviana and pascal





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