An interview with Chansoo - Communicate School

An interview with Chansoo


Why did you choose to come to Communicate ?

I love Manchester and I love football. My agent recommended Communicate School to me because it’s a nice school.’

Have you been to any Football matches since you have been here, who with what was it like?

I have watched 3 football matches live. I’ve been to the Ethiad Stadium twice and one to Manchester United Stadium ‘Old Trafford. I went to a match with Ric the Manager, Ric is my friend a very nice and kind man

Which is your favourite team in Manchester, United or City?

Frankly I would say I prefer Manchester United

What’s the best thing about your experience at the school so far?

All has been good… There are many good teachers, many friendly students. The school is located in the city centre, convenient for getting around many different kinds of public transport nearby. There are many restaurants and museums in Manchester

Have you been to any museums?

I have been to Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, The War museum, the Football museum, I think I have been to all the museums here, very nice
Do you have a favourite one?
I think I like The War Museum best

Can you tell me about your favourite things to do in Manchester?

I think my favourite things to do here in Manchester is going to watch football and I also like playing golf. I visited Houldsworth Golf club in North Reddish. I went alone but I met many people there to play golf with. I think the people in Manchester are very kind and friendly, I like that.

If you could describe Manchester in 3 words, what would they be?

Manchester is a very active city but the Manchester weather is awful hahaha…
Manchester people are kind and friendly

If you could describe Communicate School in 3 words, what would they be?

Communicate School is located in the city centre and close to everything you need. Nest to Piccadilly train station and the buses. Communicate has a very lively and bright environment. All the teachers are very passionate about teaching and they are also very patient. The students are younger than me but they have made me feel very welcome and are very friendly and kind to me

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