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Student Success Story

So, everyone, Communicate is back open and we have had plenty of new and returning students through our doors. One student came here in particular to improve his IELTS score. Emilio arrived here 5 weeks ago and has been studying full-time.  He sat the Academic IELTS exam 2 weeks ago and made huge improvements to his score. Amazingly he went from 6.5 to 8 in the reading component and scored highly in the other areas giving him a 7 overall! Here is what Emilio had to say when he was interviewed by Senior Teacher Niki. 

Niki: How many IELTS exams have you taken so far Emilio?

Emilio: I’ve done the test twice now, the first time I took it in Italy and the second time here in Manchester

Niki: Were there any differences in your scores?

Emilio: Yes, I have improved a lot, I got a higher score here in the UK than in Italy

The first time I got ‘6’ overall, whereas I scored ‘7’ after studying here at Communicate for a month

Niki: Wow, that is a big difference. You’ve gone up by a whole level of English.

Emilio: Yes, for sure

Niki: Do you think your speaking has improved since coming to Communicate and Manchester?

Emilio: Absolutely! Here I have the opportunity to talk to native speakers, which has helped my fluency and my listening.

Niki: What about your IELTS classes, have they helped you to improve?

Emilio: Yeah, absolutely, in particular, from my teacher learning techniques to understand the different exercises in IELTS in all parts of the exam. This definitely helped me to improve my score.

Niki: What advice would you give people who are going to take the IELTS exam?

Emilio: First of all, it is important to study the structure of the exam. It is important to have a guide to help you understand the structure and give you techniques. I think studying in a school like Communicate can really help you and you can improve much quicker than studying on your own. Of course, it is also important to keep practising outside the lessons as well.

Niki: Have you enjoyed your overall experience in Manchester?

Emilio: Yes absolutely! Manchester is a cosmopolitan city where I’ve had the opportunity to speak to students from all over the world. It’s a nice city with plenty of things to do. I would recommend Manchester to others who are thinking of coming to visit the UK.

Niki: What about your experience here in Communicate? Have you enjoyed it?

Emilio: Definitely it is a great school right in the middle of the city centre so it’s easy to access. There are a lot of students who you can make friends with and the teachers and staff have been very kind to me. I would recommend it.

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