This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is ‘Inspire Inclusion’. Inclusion is all about achieving gender equality. It calls for action to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create environments where all women are valued and respected. At Malvern International, we have a global workforce with many people from different walks of life, and therefore understand the importance of fostering inclusion. As a global skills and development partner, we understand the importance of education in making a change, enabling women to break barriers, and challenge stereotypes. On this special day, let us commemorate the achievements of women in education and renew our commitment to providing equal access to education for all. 

We would also like to recognise all the women who work for us, and the individual journeys they’ve been on to enable our workforce to be where it is today. We take inspiration from each of our colleagues and have interviewed some to learn more about their experiences and any advice they have for those just getting started with their careers.  

Giulia Mella, Centre Manager at Communicate School 


“I am originally from Italy, but I have been in Manchester for the past 10 years. I have worked in the ELT industry for almost 7 years. The woman who inspires me most is my mum, apart from being an amazing mother and a very strong woman. She has always been an inspiration as she has never stopped trying to get what she wants from life. Even now, when she is almost 60 years old, she keeps going for what she wants and working hard to make sure she gets it. One of the hardest challenges I have had to overcome was changing careers. I studied Language, Translation and Interpreting at university and I wanted to become an Interpreter. Once I started working as an Interpreter, I realised it wasn’t for me and made the decision to change my career. I then started in the ELT industry, which was a big jump for me, with a lot of unknowns, but I took that leap, and it worked out- not without hard work though! My advice to women who are starting their career is not to be scared of trying something new or being ambitious. And finally, don’t fear being loud or making your voice and opinion heard.”

Ashleigh Veres, Director of Student Recruitment 

“I am originally from Canada, but I have lived in the UK since 2005. I initially came to the UK to travel but decided to stay and I have had the opportunity to work and study here. The woman who most inspires me is someone I know in my personal life who ran a very successful business for several years. Sadly, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer but found the drive in herself to fundraise, starting her own charity and is determined to raise 1 million pounds for the Leeds Cancer Trust. I find her to be a real inspiration as she has had some significant hardships but gets up every day and has a very positive outlook. All of us have barriers we need to overcome, I arrived in the UK with two bags and £650, I did not have family in the UK or a network of people to lean on. A lot like many international students who come to the UK to study. The barriers I overcame included culture shock and relocating to a new country, but I also had to establish myself. It took a few years of determination and patience, but I am proud of where I am today. My advice for those who are starting their careers is you must be passionate about what you do. The reality is of any career, not all of it very exciting, it can be very difficult and include skills you are not very strong on, but it is important to remain determined to reach your goal. Be passionate, find something you love doing and most importantly have grit and determination to get to where you want to get to.”  

Insiah, Teacher at Malvern House London 

“I have been teaching for just over two years now and I love it! I also enjoy doing creative things in my free time like ice skating, knitting and singing with my church. I also play the guitar; I love doing anything creative! I enjoy talking with people, especially my students and meeting new people. Someone who inspires me and I admire is my mum, she scarified a lot for me. I admire how hard she worked; she came from a country that was badly affected by a volcanic eruption. She came to the UK and worked hard, from the ground up, to build her career as a midwife and rebuild her home, with a small child. I really look up to her and admire her for all she has achieved, as she has made me who I am today.”  

Happy International Women’s Day!

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